Why Pharmaceutical Industry is Tapping in Cloud Technology Now More Than Ever?

Pharmaceutical companies deal with a vast amount of sensitive and intellectual data daily, this together with compliance and regulatory guidelines holds them from adopting cloud technology. While their reservations could not be nullified a few years back but today cloud technology has evolved and provides improved privacy, security, and compliance. This is evident as the Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society analytics survey reports that over 83% of pharmaceutical companies are already using cloud technology.  This makes us wonder what has changed in recent years that has led to pharmaceuticals embracing the cloud. 

Cloud is Not Just Storage Solutions 

Cloud today addresses significant privacy, security, and compliance challenges that the pharmaceutical industry faces. They have certifications that show cloud complies with health security and privacy regulations of the countries where organizations do business, which has helped develop trust among pharma companies. No leading cloud service provider is limited to storage; cloud is beyond infrastructure. In addition to a storage solution, cloud offers many functionalities that help collaborate better, access published research more quickly, and minimize human error.  

Cloud Computing is Transforming the Way Pharmaceutical Industry Works  

If you are a Drug Discovery Company, you can avail cloud-based high-performance computing (HPC). This will help researchers on-demand access to virtually unlimited storage and computing resources that can help organize resources and guide initial surveys thereby saving valuable time during early R&D stages. There are number of organizations who have tapped in Artificial Intelligence and machine learning of cloud analytics to speed up commercial results. Who better than Drug Development Company to understand the importance of clinical trials? Cloud today offers social listening tools that help understand volunteer experience in clinical trials. This increases security, reduces trial dropouts, and speeds up drug developments. In addition, the cloud also helps researchers aggregate clinical data and analyze them at the granular level. Pharmaceuticals often collaborate to discover and develop are not uncommon. Cloud can help companies come together to share a common platform while keeping independent data secured. 

Why Cloud? 

Trust: Security and privacy are paramount in the pharma industry; cloud data centers take every care to ensure your organization meets the compliance requirements of regulators. Periodic updates and automatic security patches ensure data safety. Scalability: Cloud provides storage for processing massive amount of data. Depending on your need you can scale up or scale down instantly. Economics: Few organizations have the resources to set up and manage largescale data centers. Cloud service enables you to free up resources and you can easily scale up as and when required. Choice: Choose public, private or hybrid cloud for your organization depending on your requirement. 

Choose the right cloud service with these checklists: 

  • Does it provide certificates, that it complies health, regulation and security regulations of the country you do business in? 
  • Does it offer more than infrastructures, such as platforms that support core functions for productivity, communications, and analytics? 
  • Does it work on-premise? 
  • Does it work across multiple devices and technologies from multiple clouds? 

The cloud computing in pharmaceutical industry market is projected to experience record growth as regulatory issues are expected to resolve amid settling security fears. Pharmaceutical companies increasingly look to cloud services to focus on bringing safe, effective drugs to market as quickly as possible. We at i2e, provide Azure cloud service, migration and consulting to help pharmaceuticals harness the power of cloud. Please feel free to contact us for any queries. 

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